Everyone in our city deserves a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes down the street to the neighborhood park to play, just like I did when I was growing up.  We should all feel confident our streets and public spaces are safe.  We all want to live in a neighborhood where we know and trust our neighbors.  As a City Councilman, I want to bring a greater focus to connecting our neighbors and neighborhoods and preserving the quality of life a real neighborhood provides.

I have spent the past decade working with and for the Clark County Schools.  We have seen tremendous improvements the past several years because of our focus on quality teachers and school principals.  I have worked hard to provide research driven results in downtown Las Vegas schools and I want to work with our schools and every principal and teacher in the ward to demonstrate we can reach our greatest potential by working together.  I support our teachers and our school principals and will work with them to make sure they have what they need to provide the opportunities our children deserve.  Education is a foundation to becoming the type of city we know Las Vegas can become.

Ward 1 is the home of the Las Vegas Medical District. I became intimately familiar with healthcare services in 2017 when my son, Andrew, was diagnosed with a serious lung infection.  I know first hand the quality of physicians and nurses that are at the University Medical Center.  I also know the resources we provide our doctors and nurses are not adequate.  We can and will do better. Healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege.  We must provide access to quality healthcare and ensure our medical professionals have what they need to be successful.  Healthcare is a foundation to becoming a world class city.

Jobs and Transportation
When I worked for the City of Las Vegas, I facilitated dozens of town hall meetings where I learned first-hand what our neighbors are worried about.  Quality jobs, quality healthcare, quality education and a transportation system to get us where we need to be.  These are not political talking points. These are the basic components and foundation to leading a successful life.  If we feel safe in our home and in our community, which requires a strong public safety system, we can achieve more.  And, if we have access to a quality education system and work hard, we can get the jobs we deserve.   And when we are successful, our community feels like home because it is filled with Arts & Culture, recreational activities, strong pride in our neighborhoods and our communities.  This is the World Class City Carolyn and Oscar Goodman have been working towards.  This is the World Class City we deserve and the World Class City I will work tirelessly on your behalf to help create.

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