By Victor Joecks / Las Vegas Review-JournalMarch 7, 2019 – 10:29 am   

It’d be “irresponsible” to give an opinion on development at Badlands golf course before being elected. Las Vegas officials should increase enforcement against those violating the city’s restrictions on short-term rentals. The Las Vegas-area needs light rail to meet the needs of its growing population. That’s all according to Brian Knudsen, who’s running for Las Vegas City Council in Ward 1.

Development at Badlands “is in the courts right now,” Knudsen said while filming Nevada Politics Today. “There’s not a lot the city council can do until the issue is decided at the courts. I have enjoyed my time listening and learning as much as I possibly can. I look forward to working with the city council and the city staff and the developers and the residents when the time comes for the city council to make a decision.”

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